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Virtual Collab

We want to promote you and your premium profiles by tagging you, linking your pages, and giving you shoutouts when we use your public content in our segments, stories, shows, etc...

You must be 18 or older

To validate your age you must have an active Fans page (like OnlyFans) where your age has been verified or show your govnt issue ID.

Then all you got to do is say 'YES'

DM us that you give us permission to promote you. That's all you have to do. You can terminate this at any time just DM us if you want us to stop promoting you. 

This is a passive program. Once you agree that's all that's required.

What's Required from you?

After you agree what will you have to do?

This is a passive program we will use your public content and you don't have to do anyting.


How will we use your content?

Just like when a musician has a new album or a movie star has a new movie coming out. You will see them doing interviews with a lot of different shows. The shows get the content and the artist gets to promote their new thing. This creates a win-win for both parties. We want to create a win-win situation with you by using your content in the following ways...

Anybody can repost your content... We want to elevate it!!!

We select something you post and give it a rating. We also tag you in the post AND use your media so it says it's from you under the image or video. When you get these retweet them so your followers can see.

Rate My Newds

Many times we have discussions and need content as an example. Example: We have a discussion about sexual positions, or who makes the best videos. We will use your content in our discussion. Then link and tag you in any videos we make. If you want to join our shows to promote your content, even better!


We will use your content in our compilation story where we promote you and your content in our story. Your content will always be labeled and tagged.

The Newd Story

We will list you on our website and on our Twitter community, and Twitter list. A fast way for people who are looking for creators to support to find you!

NewdNation Website

We take one of your videos and create a competition where our audience gets to vote on who did it best! When you get these retweet them so your followers can see them.

Newd vs Nude

We are always creating ideas to help promote you and your content in a passive way where you don't have to do anything. 




Contact  Snapchat @NewdContent @Danga911 Twitter @NewdContent             @Danga911 or Text Message ‪(725) 696-3937‬

You MUST be 18+ with a photo ID or an age-verified account like OnlyFans. Give us permission to use your content. You can change your mind at any time but we will not remove published content.

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