Film Session Saturday Sept 17

We need top, bottom, and vers, slim and thick, tall and short.

During this film session, we will film sexual and non-sexual activities. We understand your level of discretion will vary so choose which group you want to participate in...


Stars are full participants in all activities. They are ok with showing their face and body and being the focus on camera.


These are partial participants who don't want their faces or identifiable marking shown on camera. Discreet's will only have the camera focused on them in a secondary way and their face will be blurred out or not shown.

Back Stage

These participants will help with filming, lighting, organizing, ideas, and other behind the scenes. These people will not be on camera.

Everything you do is 100% optional


You MUST be 18+ with a photo ID Because this is a production, there will be no video or images taken from your cell phones or personal devices. No drugs, alcohol, weed, or any illegal substances. No arguing, fighting, firearms, bad vibes, or bad energy.  No money will be exchanged. Constantly clean up after yourself after anything you do.

These rules are NOT optional and can result in you being asked to leave.


Volunteer to film sexual activity. We will ask you if you are interested in this activity. If interested, you will tell us all sexual activities you are willing to do. We will suggest ways to spicy it up. Everything is preplanned so no surprises.

Freak Sessions

Some ideas include...  jack, oral, making out, anal, sexual position, places bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.. etc...

One - on - One with Danga or one of the Newd Creators. Sitting on a coach, chair, or bed you reach in his pants, describe what you feel, and pull it out. 

Searching Danga

A game like hide and seek. Except when the person that's "It" find you.. they get 3 minutes to do what they want with you while everyone circles around.

Hide and go get it!

2 contestants or 2 teams alternate picking heads or tails. If they guess correctly the other team has to strip off an item of clothes. When the last item of clothes is left, which must be their underwear, you tell them to drop 'em to win.

Newd Heads or Tails

One model in the front poses nude while other participants do a drawing of the model.

Newd Paint & Chips

In our skits, STARS will be asked to do some acting while DISCREETS will be in the background. We will act out short freaky skits of situations. Some thirst-trapping or nudity might be involved.

Featured Skits

Some ideas include...

We will act out short freaky skits of situations in a car or in a public place. Some thirst-trapping or nudity might be involved. DISCREETS will be bystanders in the background.

Remote Skits

Some ideas include... Uber driver skit Public Skit Car skits Woods Skits

Getting filmed at the pool. Can involve dick/ass, touching, and sexual contact. DISCREETS will be bystanders in the background.

Pool Skits

Little freaky videos or bromance videos that you and your homie would do.

Homie Skits

Some ideas include... Plays a game Kitchen Bathroom

What's Next

If your interested...


Contact  Snapchat @NewdContent Twitter @NewdContent or Text Message ‪(725) 696-3937‬