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So I’m watchin March Madness lookin at my Final Four bracket when out of no where #WhatJustHappened started trending on Twitter.  I clicked on some Tweets and count out that Will Smith have had enough of everyone jokes, especially from Chris Rock.


After watching the first video with the sound muted, my first thought was, ‘This must be fake or part of a skit.’ But why though. So I kept browsing and found the next video with the sound.

The way Chris Rock responded… He was stunned, he was shook, maybe it wasn’t fake. Apparently during the break Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, and Bradley Cooper pulled Will to the side to talk to lecture him on what just happened.

But why would Will Smith a guy who been in the public eye since he was in high school and was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air since he was 19 do something like this. Especially since he has a mostly clean public record.

So it looks like Chris Rock have been cracking jokes at the expense of Will and Jada for a while. And the joke at the Oscars was about Jada’s hair which she recently came out about her struggles with Alopecia.

So what is Alopecia?

After the slap herd around the world, social media was divided on who was right and who was wrong.

Some people thought Will was a bully

Other thought a man should protect his family.

Other’s thought to consider that even thought Chris Rock was making a joke, he was also presenting a documentary about black women and their hair. Plus considering Jada’s condition, the joke was uncalled for.

Others was wondering if Will handled the entanglement the same way…

While other people are just using the situation for clicks or their own personal agenda…

And lost in the mix was the Williams family was there to the support Will Smith and the filming crew who created the movie King William about the patriarch of Serena and Venus Williams.

Will did win an Oscar for his performance of Richard Williams in the movie and this was his acceptance speech.

A few days later Will did issue an a more complete apology this time naming Chris Rock.

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