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How it works?

Just the Tip is an audio only podcast where fans of NewdNation can discuss  their experiences in an open but discreet way. The purpose is to create a platform to normalize the discussion of real life experiences. Below is a general list of questions that we will ask you for the “Dating and Encounters” Series. You can also click this link for other interview topics. Please fill out your real name and contact information. 

On the call?

Once the application is approved we will set up a time to do the interview over the phone. We will call you by the name you list as your pseudo or nickname. Also to make it discreet we will avoid specific locations. We will ask the questions below in the general order as they appear.

After the Call?

We will review the interview and if it is selected we will edit and publish the interview.Not all interviews are published. You will also receive free premium access to the website and the opportunity to become a NewdCreator. As a NewdCreator, you can participate in talk shows, games shows, and publish other content.

What’s in it for you?

  • All interviewees get one month of FREE access to TheNewdBlog & NewdNation

Dating and Encounters questions

Men's Underwear over the last 100 years.
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