JTT – Tevin

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Tevin joined the Just the Tip podcast and discussed the following topics.

Introduce yourself to the people?

Are you in School?

What made you go the Pharmacy route?

Have you done any internships?

Will you sell cannabis?

Do you smoke?

When you eat edibles how long to it take to kick in?

Have you seen Swae Lee video?

Do you think it was an accident?

Do you think his penis was small?

Do you think he was trying to get attention?

What do you think of Swae’s body type?

What do you think of his music?

Does it seem like everyone is doing nudes?

Do you think it’s more acceptable to take or send nudes now?

How old were you when you started sending nudes?

Did you ever cam 2 cam?

Is online sex like safe sex?

Reading erotic stories?

Did you watch gay porn growing up?

Did you ever get caught watching gay porn growing up?

How did your parents react when they caught you?

What age do you remember liking guys?

When did you start masturbating?

Did you learn how to masturbate from watching videos?

Were you scared or nervous when you first ejaculated?

How old were you the first time you did something with a guy?

What happened on your first sexual interaction with a guy?

What did his penis look like?

Were you in college when that happened?

Do you also date girls?

So are you bi-sexual?

Do you think it’s easier to find a guy than a girl?

When you’re with a guy, are you more top or bottom?

Which one do you enjoy more?

When your topping, How long to it take to ejaculate?

Do you like going for hours?

How often do you masturbate now?

Do you masturbate in the morning or at night?

Whats some of the weirdest places you have masturbated?

Do you use lube while masturbating?

Are you out to family or friends?

Did you like to masturbate in the bathroom growing up?

Have you ever done any anal stimulation?

Tell me about your experience the first time you used a Fleshlight?

Do you like sex toys?

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